The team head Simran explaining what Seagull can do to the Director (E&T).

Seagull being displayed at the Bazaar. If only we had a pool.

Seagull in matte black. Also, Seagull is sometimes Seagle. We are confused with the spelling ourselves.

Seagull has got a makeover! It now works like a breeze. We’re displaying it at SRM Bazaar ’14, an Innovation expo. Wish us luck!

Our IP man giving Seagull it’s final instructions. Fly free little boat.

Seagull is levelling up! Manual to Autonomous. She’s out of our hands now.

Indians are the best at being thrifty. We didn’t even use a separate webcam for this. The land-based equivalent of the boat maneuvering between buoys.

Heeere doggy doggy doggy. Follow the stranger with the ball.