Assembly has begun in earnest. Everyone’s working all day and night to get this done. Gluing wood together takes too much time.

We’ve decided to make Lakshya with wood. Partly the reason she was designed with only planes. Marine plywood might be costly but its worth the extra expense to make sure that the wood doesn’t rot like an apple in air.

We’ve decided to name her Lakshya! She might be fat but she looks so cool! At the same time, SolidWorks’ rendering could make even a pig look beautiful. No offense to pigs.

The second prototype is taking shape. The lab’s desktop comes to the rescue again! This system is used only for designing and analysis so it’s super-fast.

All set for the next prototype. The team’s hands are itching for more work. We’re thinking about making a trimaran. Catamarans are too mainstream.

MathWorks has joined the family. Thank you for all the MATLAB licenses and access to Toolkits!

Time to make a few changes. SRM Roboboat is now SRM ASV! It took us some time to realize how weird it is that our team is named after a competition but better late than never!