Here we are with our new set of batteries sponsored by Pulse Batteries. We would like to thank you guys for these awesome batteries and we welcome you aboard. Cheers! 

A Big Shout out to the guys at TP-LINK for sponsoring us with these components critical to our communication subsystem.

Time to upgrade our vision hardware. Thank you IDS.

Aaaand all of our PCBs with their spares are here. We’re running behind schedule, but its now or never.

Managing Power for all systems is extremely important. Testing ahead.

And after a LONG wait, our SICK LIDAR is finally here. The Question is, will we have enough time to make it work ? Guess we’all find out.

The AUV Design seems to be coming out pretty well. Cant wait to begin Fabrication.

Our first testing with Trishul! She performed better than what we hoped she would!  She was a beast! 

The micro-controller boards are finally here! We would like to extend our gratitude towards Cypress for sponsoring us with the boards.

Good thing we decided not to shell out a 1000 dollars for these buoys. We narowly missed going broke.

Our first team photo after the recruitment! Coilcraft, thank you again for the tee shirts.

We’ve registered! This just got strangely real. Workaholic mode – On!